Syno International, working in fields as diverse as global research and customer experience (CX), is a data platform company that helps clients collect, process, analyze, and report on a wide range of data. As an IT startup, we are dedicated to providing services designed to meet our clients’ particular needs.

In the course of business, I am often asked by clients what the difference is between existing survey systems and a customized SynoCloud Data Platform. Therefore, I’d like to take a moment to discuss these differences.


Many of the clients that switch from generalized survey systems to our data platform solutions are consultants or market research companies that need to deal with a wide range of data sources. They are attracted by the idea that we can help them collect, process, and report on a wide range of data, using a client-specified infrastructure that we build from scratch.

For example, in our dashboards, we can create custom filters or search functions, displaying the data according to our client’s analysis logic. In contrast to simple CX surveys, some market research questionnaires require complicated logic or display methods, which we can accomplish easily using JavaScript. Therefore, we can offer the same settings and complex logic used by much more expensive market research companies.

Furthermore, we are quite flexible when it comes to a client’s data collection needs by, for example, building questionnaires that allow respondents to answer using their smartphones or via chatbots on services like Facebook messenger.

Oftentimes, these types of customizations are difficult to do in existing survey systems, such that companies may use simple survey systems for easy tasks, and, when complicated logic is required, use market research firms. Data may be stored in a variety of locations, and in the case of global market research, it gets even more complicated.

For us however, customization is part of who we are. Because we are an IT startup specializing in data platforms, and because we have a development base in Vietnam, we can offer very different solutions to those large domestic survey system competitors.


The greatest benefit to using a platform system like the SynoCloud Data Platform is the ability to connect a wide-variety of data into a collection-processing-reporting flow, all within a single cloud system. This three-step process is something that can be extended or added to as required, making it vastly different from existing survey systems. For example, let’s take a look at some of our IT solutions.

Data Collection

Syno Answers

Collect survey responses quickly and a low cost both within Japan and overseas by utilizing our online panel system consisting of 80 countries and over 50 million respondents.

Syno Panel

Better understand the voices of your users by building and utilizing survey communities—taken from your company’s own audience.

Syno CX Enhancement

Collect the voices of your customers through a customer feedback system—designed for both in-store and e-commerce.

Data Processing

Bring External Data into the Platform

First-party data, such as your company’s sales data or customer information, and third-party data can be linked to the system. Using either our API system or a server upload, you can create the best system according to your usage and frequency.

Link Platform Data to External Systems

Consumer data collected on the platform (such as demographics or cookie information) can be easily and efficiently sent to external systems (such as CRM or DMP systems) for optimized data use beyond just research.

Data Reporting

Customizable Dashboards

Create your own comprehensive dashboard using a variety of data points, including customer feedback and market research studies, as well as internal and third-party data. The use of log-in IDs and variable viewing authorities allows for a wide-range of users from within your company to access the data they need, regardless of expertise, department, or country.

Alert Functions

Depending on survey responses, automatic alerts can be created, allowing for immediate actions to be taken when problems occur. Alerts can be sent via a wide variety of means, including email and SMS.

Data Exporting

Should you want to view the data outside of the dashboard for complex analysis, it can be easily exported into the format of whatever analysis tool you are using.


As you can see from both the viewpoints of customizability and extendibility, there are wide variety of differences between existing survey systems and a data platform. Should you just want to ask a few questions as quickly as possible, a simple survey system may be enough. But then, after accumulating the answers, what action should you take? The answer to this will vary from client to client and may not be readily known. A data platform system though, will help bring clarity to your data. If you are interested in the Syno Cloud Data Platform, by all means contact us for a consultation.

This guest post was written by Soji Nagano, our Head of APAC