Zero Party Data: An Introductory Report

The collection of consumer data is becoming ever more important for marketers. Despite this, how marketers collect data is changing due to growing concerns about consent and the privacy of consumers. In the past, many marketers and media companies depended on ad networks and third party cookies to ensure that the right ads were displayed to the right people. With this option disappearing, many are now wondering, “what’s next?”

The answer to the above question is zero party data. This type of self-reported data is considered the gold-standard for its high level of trustworthiness both for advertisers and consumers. In this in-depth report, Syno takes a look at the types of data out there, what zero-party data is, and how your organization can avoid any disruption from the end of third-party cookies.

Whether you are a publisher looking for a way to better understand your readers and secure your revenue stream, or a brand looking to improve ad targeting and reach, this paper is for you.

Say goodbye to third-party data and hello to zero-party data — data customers own and willingly provide to brands.
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What's in the Report

Zero-Party Data is the future of digital marketing. Collecting opted-in and self-declared data is the only way to build consumer trust.

Lauri Löfveblad
Head of Strategy and Products
Zero party data sounds like a new concept, but it is not. It has always been there. Now it’s time for us to not only think about how to use zero-party data but to redesign how to collect, process and visualize that data. This new era is not only relevant to publishers, but to everyone.
Soji Nagano
Head of APAC

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