CCI-Syno Joint Partnership Announcement

Syno International is pleased to announce a joint collaboration between our Japan office and Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI), a member of Carta Holdings Inc. and Dentsu Group.

Dentsu Group’s digital marketing company CCI and Syno International have announced their collaboration in the launching of CCI’s “Zero Party Data Creation Service,” a next-generation marketing service for the post-cookie era.

Through the collaboration, CCI will utilized SynoCloud’s unique solution for combining zero- and first-party data. From questionnaires answered by consenting users to behavioral and user data from access logs, CCI clients will be able to realize a range of next generation digital marketing solutions.


Our partnership with CCI is a win-win for anyone interested in digital marketing. With our CDaaS technology and CCI's consulting know-how, this partnership will benefit both advertisers and media companies. The post-cookie era will require creative zero-party data solutions, and our partnership is an exemplar of this.
Soji Nagano
Head of APAC

*CDaaS, Consumer Data as a Service

For more information about the partnership with CCI,  visit their press release here. 

For more information about Syno’s zero-party data solutions, please see our white paper, here.