Syno’s Research Automation power Moodscores – measuring emotional effects of advertising

Harnessing the emotional power of advertising is at the heart of what every creative agency aims to deliver for their clients. Moodscore has discovered a way to do this by helping to understand the emotive effects that underlie every execution in a scalable and innovative way. But how do they do it?

Fredrik Wallner, co-founder, says Moodscore needed to offer brands and communication agencies a tool to help them create great ads. With a small team focused on the client’s needs and the methodology, Fredrik looked to Syno for help run the technical sides of the offering.

A technical infrastructure was required to input ads, automatically deploy predefined surveys and fieldwork across many markets, manage benchmark databases and create visually appealing reports. All of this was needed to execute quickly, cost effectively, at scale and internationally.

Syno utilized the SynoEvaluations product to automate the order and delivery of projects for Moodscores. Each project would need to include data about the advert, the target group, meta-data such as advertiser, industry, country and more to help in the analysis. Quick fieldwork, with API’s to sample sources, automated reporting within hours and quality control supported through Syno’s 24/7 operational capabilities meant the whole platform and execution was efficient and available when needed.  

The partnership between Moodscores and Syno has kept pricing attractive and expanded the clients base significantly, with both more agencies and more brands regularly conducing projects. Everyone loves a solution that is comprehensive and scalable, but even more so if it costs way less than you would expect, and does so quickly.

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Check out this short video if you are interested in learning more about Moodscores.