Building Better Data Collection with Syno Solutions

Zero-party data has not achieved buzzword status in the Brand Managing and Marketing worlds – at least not yet. Third party-data collection, also known as cookies, are the norm for now. However, privacy concerns relating to third-party data collection are becoming more important due to the recent security breaches that resulted in increasingly strict regulations and the filing of class action lawsuits. Consumer trust has been eroded in the typical cookie platforms. At the same time, consumers want more tailored and interactive experiences when engaging with brands.

Data Demands Dig Deeper

Major companies, such as Apple and Google, are blocking third-party data trackers from their web browsers and allowing consumers to opt-out of information-sharing. Due to increasing concerns over consumer privacy and third-party collection data breaches, companies and developers are creating innovative ways collect consumer data.
So how can Brand Managers and Marketers get up-to-date information on their potential consumers? How can consumers safely interact with brands? Zero-party data is the solution of the future. What zero-party data, exactly? According to Forrester, zero-party data is freely-given information by the consumer for a specific purpose. Zero-party data asks consumers to provide their information directly, not inferred by their behavior.

Syno International Offers Realistic Data Solutions

At Syno International, zero-party data platform helps our clients collect, analyze, and report data more accurately. All data is self-reported by consumers, which is integrated with first-party data. Through the Syno cloud, the data platform uses a common, cookie-less ID platform to identify consumers. Syno’s platform links zero-party data to a DMP/DSP to optimize advertising distribution and advertising campaigns. Data sets can then be compared and analyzed for accuracy that can also link up with third party systems. Syno’s zero-party data platform offers many benefits for Brand Managers and Marketers.
Brand Managers and marketers need to reach a wide audience to promote their products effectively. The innovative company Syno International has developed an ethical and sustainable solution: zero-part data collection. Its platform provides a unique approach to digital market in the post-cookie era. All of Syno’s products are linked to each other through Syno’s cloud. Brand Managers can conduct Multi Country studies with In-Region Project managers.

What We Do

The Syno platform gives you access to:

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