Advertising Trust and Covid-19 | Syno

Syno International is proud to announce the release of this year’s Advertising Trust Index Report—the first major advertising trust survey conducted after Covid-19. Originally launched in 2019, the survey includes data from over 40 000 interviews across 40 of the largest advertising markets. This year’s survey, conducted in early-June 2020, also included important questions about trust in the media as it relates to coronavirus, along with measures people are taking in their lives in response to the pandemic.


Although online advertising is an increasingly important share of the media industry’s revenue, many media companies are finding their margins squeezed by major advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. How can a media company compete with such major players? Part of the answer lies in the added value created in through consumer trust in content and advertising.

Our annual tracking study has shown repeatedly that trust in a media platform results in a higher level of trust for the advertising shown on that platform. A higher level of trust in advertising, in turn, has been linked to a higher purchase intent. 

Summary of this Year’s Results

Curious how Covid-19 has affected trust in the media and advertising? Surprisingly, our results show that, in general, trust has risen within the last year. More and more people are seeing the importance of newspapers and media brands for receiving news, and this trust correlates to a higher level of trust in media advertising.

Broken down by media type, TV news and newspapers continue to lead the pack, with social media continuing to be near the bottom in trustworthiness. Naturally, regional differences played some role, with Asia being somewhat more trusting than other countries.

Try Out our Sample Brazil Dashboard

Want to see the results for yourself? Try out our Brazil dashboard for free. In this interactive dashboard, you can see:

  • Consumer Media Consumption Habits
  • Trust Levels in Media and Advertising
  • Trust as It Relates to Purchase Intent
  • Consumer Media Brand Awareness Breakdown
  • Media Brand Trustworthiness Breakdown