The Impact of Tourism on Cross-Border Online Purchases | Syno

In recent years, cross-border online sales have been steadily expanding. The spread of Covid-19 has only compounded this trend, as people adopt new lifestyle and shopping habits. It is certain that online sales will only increase as time goes on.

This particular white paper looks at the potential of cross-border online sales for Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises. For Japanese companies pursuing cross-border sales, their main target group has been those individuals who have traveled to Japan in the past and have some familiarity with Japanese products. Although the number of overseas tourists visiting Japan is currently at zero, it is certain that the numbers will quickly recover, restoring Japan to its position as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. How small and medium-sized enterprises plan ahead to take advantage of such a surge will greatly impact their ability to generate future online sales.

The present white paper is based on the results of a consumer survey of 6 Asian countries (Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China) conducted in March this year. The survey asked about the online purchasing behaviors of consumers that have traveled to Japan. In particular, it sought to clarify the impact of tourism to Japan on purchasing behavior for cross-border online sales, including which kind of companies see the most success in this field.

We hope that this white paper will serve as an important reference for data-driven cross-border marketing in the coming post-coronavirus world.

Table of Contents
  • A 6 Market Consumer Survey: The Impact of Tourism to Japan on Purchasing Behavior for Cross-Border Online Sales
  • 5 Tips for Successful Cross Border eCommerce Marketing
  • An Introduction to Syno’s Global Market Research Services