Bonnier News and Syno collaboration in data-driven solutions | Syno

Bonnier News is the largest publisher in Sweden publishing a range of newspapers and magazines.

Syno has been working with Bonnier News for a longer period and provides a range of measurement solutions to Bonnier News to enable data-driven decisions.

Solutions provided are based on the Syno Cloud platform and include, among others:

  • Panel management for hosting brand-specific panels with consumers of each title published.
  • Project management solution for both own panels and public marketplace panel access in the same interface.
  • Rewards management with custom rewards including subscriptions, lotteries, gift cards, donations to charities, etc.
  • Survey tool for data collection from users.
  • Audience measurement and profiling for identifying the audience and exposed users to advertising campaigns.
  • Automated campaign evaluations and reporting with benchmarks.
  • Integration of DMP data (Google Ad Manager) with research data.
  • Data lake (MySQL compatible) for identity resolution, storing, and merging of panel, exposure, research, DMP, and other data.

These solutions, combined with Syno operational support, allow Bonnier News to efficiently evaluate and optimize campaign effectiveness, collect customer feedback, and survey nationally representative Swedish audiences. All data is stored and available in the same platform and accessible for all other MySQL-enabled systems used by Bonnier News, supporting integrations and actions on the data.

Data collection and reporting cover several thousands of ad campaigns and research projects per year and involve a wide range of use cases and teams internally at Bonnier News.

Example of data flow: A campaign is set to be measured

  1. A pixel is set on the campaign in Google Ad Manager to independently validate the number of impressions, frequency, and reach.
  2. Google Ad Manager captures all advertising exposure and frequency.
  3. Data is daily delivered to Google Cloud for logged-in users and ingested by Syno for matching based on hashed user emails.
  4. Matched user data is stored in Syno data lake and connected to the data saved there.
  5. A post-campaign experience survey is sent to matched users via email by Syno project admin system, and user feedback is captured via the Syno Survey tool.
  6. Users are rewarded with credits for completing the survey in the panels used.

Serdar OK
Head of Insight, Bonnier News Commercial.

"Working with Syno supports us in being a modern data driven publisher that efficiently collects and acts on data as well as bring valuable insights to our advertisers and they provide the flexibility needed to deliver the demanding customizations that we require as the largest Swedish publisher."