No Comment - Tesla vs Swedish Trade Unions | Syno

Recently, a significant conflict arose between Swedish trade unions and Tesla. This conflict stemmed from Tesla's anti-union stance, marking the first formal labor action faced by the company in Sweden.

The conflict intensified as strikes and other actions occurred at Tesla workshops in Sweden. Swedish dockworkers also joined the protest by refusing to unload Teslas at ports, while a supplier of critical components engaged in a sympathy action, leading to blocked Tesla components. Thousands of workers across various sectors boycotted Teslas until the company signed a collective bargaining agreement.

The conflict garnered attention and sparked discussions about the power of unions and the challenges faced by multinational companies in navigating labor relations.

Syno International conducted the survey through its SynoAnswers omnibus from November 17th through November 21st, 2023. The data was collected through online panels with a National representative sampling on ages 18-80, gender, and regions of Sweden.

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