Online eye-tracking feature - Syno starts collaboration with Tobii | Syno

Syno has implemented and launched a cooperation with the leading eye-tracking technology company Tobii. By implementing the Tobii eye-tracking module in the Syno platform, clients of Syno can easily conduct eye-tracking surveys.

The first live projects have been successfully executed for one of the largest publishers in Sweden testing advertising campaigns for cars, furniture, online stores, etc. We look forward to executing more studies and building benchmark databases across various media to further help our clients.

Why eye-tracking?

Research that includes eye tracking enables our clients to understand which aspects of an advert attract people’s attention and provides opportunities for advertisers and agencies to optimize their content.

How does it work?

The respondents begin to reply to a survey in the Syno survey software, they are then redirected to a section of the survey where the Tobii software tracks the eye movements of respondents whilst they view the advertising before ending the survey back in the Syno Software. Eye-tracking measures various aspects such as the time until an object (e. g. logo, tagline, information text) was noticed, for how long the objects were viewed, the share of people who noticed each first, and other metrics.

What is the output?

The output for the analysis is the replies from the survey questions along with a heat map and a table with metrics from the eye tracking in a summary dashboard that is available in the Syno platform.

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