Introducing AI-Powered Insights - Transforming Open Answers into Actionable Data

Transforming a Challenge into an Asset:

Open answers in surveys are rich with insights but traditionally hard to digest into actionable insights due to their sheer volume and complexity. Our latest initiative changes this narrative. Instead of an overwhelming data flood, we now have a wellspring of knowledge that can be acted up much faster than before.

AI-Powered Understanding:

By integrating with OpenAI, we've transcended traditional data analysis. Our AI technology does more than scan text – it intelligently comprehends and dissects it, unveiling insights with efficiency and depth that would take an extremely long time with human efforts.

Enhancing, Not Replacing:

This development isn't about replacing human effort; it's about augmenting it. Every piece of feedback, opinion, and sentiment expressed by respondents is now instantly decipherable and actionable. We're converting what was once data overload into a strategic tool for informed decision-making.

"AI is cool in many ways, but you have to find the right way for it to be useful. We were searching for angles to analyze the open answers of our respondents for a while, but nothing that would tap into their real value. Open answers were a big mountain of data our clients did not use. Integration with OpenAI solved this problem and provided much more value than we expected. It reads all the answers with such pace and care that no human could and is just as good at analyzing text. This is a great case where AI is not replacing people, but instead adding value” - Almantas Abromaitis, Data Analyst at Syno International


Our latest AI feature turns the challenge of navigating open answers into a strategic advantage for your business. Welcome to a smarter chapter in data analytics – more intuitive, more insightful, and designed to empower your decision-making process.

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