Coop | Customized Digital Survey for the Competitive Tomorrow

Our client is Coop - a leading grocery retailer in Sweden with 800+ stores across the country. The goal was to gain insights into the external perception of Coop's pricing compared to other grocery stores and to use these insights as a basis for decision-making in optimizing the pricing strategy.

The challenge:

To develop a survey mechanism that captures the current consumer perspective on pricing for a normal shopping basket in a manner that is relevant and adaptable to changing conditions. Coop aimed to derive actionable insights and adjust pricing strategies.

Solution-based design:

Syno International and Coop partnered to deploy an online survey that targeted a specific audience periodically throughout the year. The survey explored general perceptions of grocery pricing and the factors influencing shopping decisions. The frequency of data collection was adjusted to capture a comprehensive view without adhering to a strict weekly schedule. This approach ensured a broad representation of customer segments and regional diversity.

The feedback was integrated into an interactive dashboard, designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. The dashboard was crafted to present a clear view of market sentiments, variations over time, and geographic differences to a broader internal audience.


The project provided Coop with a valuable perspective on the external view of their pricing strategy. This insight served as a crucial input for decision-making:

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  • Informed Strategy Adjustments: The insights obtained from the survey facilitated informed discussions and decisions regarding pricing strategies, enhancing Coop's market position and customer satisfaction.
  • Fact-Based Decision Making: The initiative equipped Coop's decision-makers with timely and reliable data about market sentiment, supporting strategic choices and mitigating the risks associated with basing decisions on assumptions.

"Utilizing the dashboard, which was both simple and intuitive, significantly improved our understanding of customer perspectives, enabling us to adapt to market dynamics swiftly." - Johannes Hultberg, Manager of Offer Development, Coop.