Exploring New Tech Frontiers: Syno International’s Journey with Digital Explorers in Armenia

The digital frontier continues to expand, and collaborative ventures across countries play a key role in shaping future technologies. A prime example of this collaboration was when the Baltics and Armenia joined forces at a significant event organized by Digital Explorers. Recognizing the potential for a technological partnership, Digital Explorers launched an initiative that culminated in the vibrant Digital Explorers event in Yerevan, Armenia, welcoming Syno International into this great initiative.

The event brought together experts and organizations from the Baltics, including participants from Syno International. One of them, our Senior Developer Aivaras Riškus, joined representatives from various tech companies, emphasizing the collective effort to expand the technological bridges between the two regions. "The visit to Armenia opened new avenues for tech collaboration. Armenia’s rich culture of innovation and the warmth of its people made the experience both inspiring and promising for future endeavors," said Aivaras.

The schedule offered both engagement and learning opportunities. The first day began with a presentation of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, providing a look into its operations and growth strategies. This was followed by a tour of TUMO Labs, offering firsthand insights into how programs operate and what students are learning. The team then met with Edita Ghazaryan, Director of Development and Special Projects at UATE, who spoke about Armenia's growing IT sector and its expansion. A reception with the Lithuanian Embassy provided further insights into Armenia's development, its plans for improvement, and its relationship with Lithuania.

Subsequent meetings with Tumo Labs' Head Bahareh Fatemi and Project Manager Ruben Mirzoyan covered refinancing, franchise expansion, company collaboration, and recruitment strategies. Additionally, discussions with Seda Papoyan, Founder at Femlnno, Executive Director of Relq, TEDx Speaker, and Managing Director of Girls in Tech - Armenia, highlighted the role of women in Armenia's IT sector and its growth opportunities.

The visit showcased Armenia's rapidly growing IT sector, educational infrastructure, and commitment to innovation. A meeting with Levon Tadevosyan, Chief Development Officer at Armenian Code Academy, underscored their training programs, from frontend and backend development to CTO and project manager roles.

The initiative goes beyond networking, creating lasting partnerships that leverage the strengths of each region to accelerate technological advancements. The visit showcased Armenia's commitment to innovation and highlighted the collaborative spirit of the Baltic tech communities represented by Syno International and others.

As Syno International and our partners continue exploring new territories and forging strategic partnerships, this engagement in Armenia stands as a testament to the power of international collaboration in unlocking digital potential across borders. We look forward to expanding into new markets, learning from, and contributing to the global tech scene.