Syno International Expands Horizons in Nigeria with Digital Explorers Initiative

Syno International's recent venture to Lagos, Nigeria, marked a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with Digital Explorers. Our mission was multifaceted: to identify and recruit exceptional talent for our Data Science and Development teams in Lithuania, to explore potential partnerships with Nigerian companies, and to network with local businesses to learn about current initiatives and future business opportunities. This initiative aligns with our strategic goals and underscores our commitment to fostering global talent and innovation.

Nigeria, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, provided an excellent setting for this endeavor. The hospitality and positivity of the Nigerian people were notable, making the experience highly productive and enjoyable. From smooth communications to friendly interactions, each aspect of the trip highlighted the potential of this dynamic region.

Leading the initiative were Syno’s CEO, Jokke Nurminen, and CTO, Albertas Jurgelevičius, who engaged with prospective candidates through detailed interviews and personal interactions. As a result of their efforts, Syno International has successfully recruited three promising interns who will relocate to Lithuania and join our team in late summer or early autumn and also started conversions with companies in Nigeria for future business opportunities.

Reflecting on the experience, CEO Jokke Nurminen stated, "Participating in the Digital Explorers initiative has been immensely rewarding. Partnering again with OSMOS ensured that every aspect of our trip was meticulously planned and executed, allowing us to focus on connecting with talented individuals and fostering their development. This initiative underscores the power of global collaboration and innovation."

The efficient organization by OSMOS facilitated a smooth journey from Lithuania to Lagos, significantly contributing to the success of our mission.

Additionally, the trip offered an excellent platform to engage with other companies, including Metasite Data Insights and Nomad8. These interactions led to insightful discussions on data lakes and potential solutions for development challenges.

CTO Albertas Jurgelevičius remarked, "It is inspiring to see young minds eager to innovate and contribute to the tech community. The boot camp sessions, social mixers, and individual interviews provided a comprehensive view of each candidate's skills and potential. This initiative not only strengthens our team but also bridges global tech communities, advancing a shared vision of innovation and excellence."

The boot camp, which included both technical and soft skills training, was a highlight of the trip. It offered participants the opportunity to enhance their capabilities while becoming better acquainted with our company. Social mixers facilitated meaningful connections, and individual interviews allowed us to gain deeper insights into each candidate's potential.

In conclusion, our participation in the Digital Explorers initiative was highly successful. It has strengthened our global partnerships, enriched our team with fresh talent, and reaffirmed our commitment to fostering innovation across borders. We look forward to the contributions of our new team members and the continued growth of our international collaborations.