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Discover the Power of 3D People Profiles

Our 3D People Profiles pull individual consumer data from a wide variety of sources, including suvey, panel profile, and audience data

  • Works to combine existing 3D People Profiles, your existing consumer data, as well as newly collected data
  • Manage consumer consent
  • Manage usage rights for your organization, clients, and data partners

Rich, Declared Data from Surveys, Panels, and Online Behavior

Syno has a range of products and services to enable clients to collect data

  • SynoTool - Product for creating surveys to collect data consumer, employee and customer research.
  • SynoAnswers - A service that allows clients to add one or several questions into nationally-representative surveys in more than 20 countries.
  • SynoPanel - A way to build and maintain insight communities. Collect profile data such as age, gender education and income level.

Custom dashboards

Discover the beauty of our dashboards. Integrating multiple sources of data in visually appealing, interactice way, each dashboard can standardized with PowerBI or custom built for based on client needs.

Connected to CINT

With more than 50 million registered consumers, Cint is the world's biggest online panel marketplace. As a strategic partner of Syno, clients access to the panelists they need.

Data processing and science

With SynoLibrary clients can create custom data pools that combine different data sources for analysis and delivery to external systems.

CRM & POS Data

Integrate CRM or POS system data into SynoCloud for a better understanding of consumer attitudes and satisfaction. Syno has created the technology to enable both ID and consumer consent synchronization.

Connected to your Internal Systems

Syno has worked with a wide variety of clients to integrate their legacy or internal systems into the SynoCloud. By integrating this existing data, clients can gain a richer understanding of the data they already hold.

Third-Party Systems

Have a preferred third-party system? We regularly export data to SPSS, PowerBI, Tableu, or other third-party systems for data processing and visualization.

Panel Monetization Opportunities

Syno offers severak ways for panel owners to monetize their online communities, depending on the local market and needs.

Effective Lookalike Modeling

SynoCloud connects with several lookalike modeling leaders, including Relevant, this allowing clients to create segments that can be scaled up to a larger audience.

Full Behavioral Data from DMP's

SynoCloud integrates with a number of DMP's, including Cxense, for richer consumer data. We have also worked with clients to integrate custom built DMP's into our system.

Programmatic Ad Targeting

After conducting lookalike modelling and segmentation, connect to programmatic advertising networks such as Adform, Google, and AppNexus.