A tailored dashboard and data from Syno International

Gives EasyPark management and managers direct access to their KPI performance.

Established in Stockholm in 2001, EasyPark is Europe’s leading digital parking solution with a presence in 13 countries and 800 cities across the continent. EasyPark is passionate about making urban life easier through technology that makes it quicker to find, pay, administer and plan parking.

Urban Life Made Easier

The Challenge

The digitalization and rapid changing competitive landscape of the parking industry has required EasyPark to understand and compare markets around Europe to help prioritize investments and strategies. EasyPark management analysed what data that was necessary to establish KPI’s and found that data on consumers’ views on the market in general and for the EasyPark brand in particular needed to be collected, processed and reported. EasyPark turned to Syno International for help in gathering the data and to find a suitable way to share it inside the EasyPark Group.

The Solution

Syno International developed a custom dashboard that clearly illustrated the KPI’s in the areas of parking usage, digital parking awareness, EasyPark customer satisfaction and preference.

All data included in the dashboard has been collected via the SynoTool software with a methodology and questionnaire that was mutually developed by EasyPark and Syno International. Syno International continually manage data collection, data processing and automatic uploading of data to the dashboard.

The Outcome

Fuelled by a new “data truth” on consumer behaviour and attitudes in all markets where EasyPark operate, central and local management can quickly agree on current status and spend time on working on strategies that make a real difference in the local markets.

  • Too many companies are spending too much time in trying to understand consumers’ views and the competitive landscape and in an ad-hoc fashion. For me it has been a privilege to help EasyPark in centralizing the collection, processing and reporting of data to be used as a data truth to fuel their international expansion

    Lauri Löfveblad
    Head of Strategy & Products at Syno International
  • The dashboard is a great source for us at EasyPark to understand how consumers view the market and our brand in the local markets. This data is key for us to formulate the strategies that will help millions of Europeans to live an easier urban life

    Cesare Pasca
    B2C Marketing Manager at EasyPark Group