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Implementation of E-Commerce Transaction Solutions by UAB Syno International

The project aims to further digitize Syno International by implementing e-commerce transaction solutions. It is being carried out under the SME digitization measure of the European Union.

Project Funding Source: The project is financed by the European Union's investment programs and the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan "New Generation Lithuania."

Project budget: 37,878 EUR, with EU funding to Syno International amounting to 18,939 EUR.

Project Duration: 2024-05-06 to 2025-04-30.

Information about the company's activities and contact details:
UAB Syno International is an IT service provider. Its main areas of activity include offering consumer data services to businesses, providing reporting solutions, conducting market research and public opinion surveys, and data processing services (collection, processing, storage). The company also offers computer programming services, including software, databases, servers, and other related products.

UAB "Syno International", Vilniaus st. 35 Vilnius, Lithuania