We provide consumer data as a service to help data-driven organisations make better business decisions​
Dostarczamy dane konsumenckie, które pomagają organizacjom podejmować lepsze decyzje biznesowe

Dostarczamy dane konsumenckie, które pomagają organizacjom podejmować lepsze decyzje biznesowe


Odkryj moc profili osób 3D

Nasze profile osób 3D pobierają indywidualne dane klientów z wielu różnych źródeł, w tym z ankiet, profili paneli i danych odbiorców

  • Używaj istniejących profili osób 3D, istniejących danych klientów i zbieraj nowe dane
  • Zarządzaj zgodą konsumentów
  • Zarządzaj prawami użytkowania dla organizacji, partnerów danych i klientów

Nasza kompleksowa platforma do zarządzania projektami badawczymi. Od dostępu do naszych produktów i narzędzi za pomocą jednego kliknięcia po możliwości CRM. Przekonaj się jak to jest mieć wszystko czego potrzebujesz w jednym miejscu.

Przetwarzaj i analizuj dane konsumentów pochodzące z różnych źródeł. Łącz je i eksportuj do systemów zewnętrznych.

Internetowy system budowania i zarządzania społecznością

Platforma do tworzenia ankiet wraz z gromadzeniem, przetwarzaniem i raportowaniem danych

Rozwiązanie do globalnego omnibusowego badania rynku

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Who we are?

Syno International Poland was established in 20XX under Syno International, a cloud-based data solutions company, providing consumer data as a service (CDaaS) solutions in the fields of marketing research, customer experience, and digital marketing. Syno has growing rapidly over the years, with offices across Europe and Asia helping clients to understand their customers better.
Experience Management
Gain real-time insights about what your customers or employees are really thinking. Using a variety of collection methods, data is integrated into a cloud-based platform with customized, easy-to-use dashboards for fast action.
Global Market Research
From self-service to full-service, our system gives clients access to over 100 million panelists in 150 countries. Quickly understand local and international needs, explore consumer preferences, and discover your next market.
Digital Marketing

Collect valuable insights about your audience that are ready for monetization with our zero-party data solution. Fully GDPR compliant, all data points are self-declared, rather than assumed.


Our all-in-one platform for accessing Syno Cloud. From one-click access to our products and tools to CRM capabilities, experience what it is like to have everything you need organized in one place.

Process and analyse consumer data in custom data pools. Combine different data sources for analysis and delivery to external systems.

Quickly design complex, multi-lingual questionnaires with our online survey tool. With complex logic and reporting capabilities, clients can analyze their data in the most effective way possible.

Recruit members, manage profiles, reward participants. Building a panel is an efficient direct channel to collect feedback and opinions.

SynoAnswers is a research service for asking questions to the world. It’s a cost efficient way to understand the habits, consumption patterns, attitudes and views of people.

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Choose Your Service Level

We understand that our clients have different needs. Some like to connect directly to our APIs in order to have access to the data in real time, some prefer DIY solutions using our SaaS products, while some like our full-service, personal support. For those new to Syno, we recommend full-service solutions that allow us to get to know your needs better.
We conduct all aspects of the project according to your specifications. Our teams, working 24/7 around the world, ensure speedy delivery.
We can provide you with log-in details for our products, allowing you to work more economically at your own pace.
We provide you with the ability to connect to our APIs for seamless integration into your own systems.
Flexible Service Level: From full service to APIs
Speedy Delivery: on time by our teams working in multiple locations
Collected data is stored in client-specific data pools (accessible 24/7)
Products can be tailored to specific client needs
Access to more than 100 million consumers via proprietary online and partner panels
Quick turnaround during bidding phase
Senior staff coordinate projects from start to finish
Experienced in handling large international projects

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