Experience Management

Syno offer technology and expertise to help our clients to create and manage communities. We do it a local scale where the varieties in language and customs are reflected in how each community set up is done – with speed and efficiency. 

Case Study: A Major Coffee Chain

One of the world’s largest coffee chains wanted an easy way to corollate customer experience, employee experience, and sales revenue across individual stores, regions, and countries

Syno Solution:

Syno created a solution that pulled in data from online and offline CX surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and in-store POS data to create a customized dashboard. Data accessibility varied by user, so that store managers could see the data for their store only, regional managers for their region only, and headquarters for the global data. Real time alerts notified management of problems, allowing for fast action when goes went wrong.

Destination Experience

Due to Covid-19’s abrupt stop to decades continued growth of tourism and related industries – it’s important for destinations to re-connect with travelers to see if desires are possibly changing going forward. With Syno, destination marketers can measure travelers intention and desires to position their destination