Moodscore test

Measures the emotional impact of advertising

The main aim of Moodscore is to measure the emotional impact of media content to understand what effect it will have on viewers. It measures three main factors, cognitive ease, sympathy and acceptance.

Cognitive Ease

Cognitive Ease is the level of ease associated with understanding and processing any type of information or communication. It decides if people judge the information as meaningful and open themselves to receiving messages communicated.


Sympathy is about an adverts capability of making people like it and hence, agreeing with the message and saying yes to what is proposed or offered.


Acceptance is about the ability to connect with and awaken those positive emotions, moods and conditions that humans via evolution are drawn to and want to experience. Communication that have a high degree of all three factors will succeed in influencing the recipient.


Results for a tested piece of communication will be presented as a total score between 0 – 100, that depending on the country can be compared to a benchmark based on type of advert (audio, video etc.) as well as category. Results for the individual factors and detailed values for which positive feelings the audience perceives when they see the ad is also provided in the report.


The findings can be shared as pdf or presented in a dashboard that is accessible via your SynoCloud log in that that can be exported to PDF, PPT or Excel.


Price starting from 1480 EUR for a sample size of 140 respondents per country and test. For projects where the target group is not standard, different pricing apply. Any type of ad or communication can be measured and scored using Moodscores, video, print, OOH, digital, etc.

Check out this video to learn more about Moodscores

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