Quality documentation

This document is a guide to the technical framework and processes at Syno and our work on achieving a consistent high quality when collecting, processing and reporting data. The document focuses on four key areas: survey quality, online panel data quality, analysis and reporting quality, and quality assurance.

Quality documentation

This document is a guide to the technical framework and processes at Syno and our work on achieving a consistent high quality when collecting, processing and reporting data. The document focuses on four key areas: survey quality, online panel data quality, analysis and reporting quality, and quality assurance.

Survey quality

When collecting data, it is important that the tool of collection is of a high standard. This section covers how Syno works to ensure high-quality data collection.

Mobile-optimized surveys

According to the statistics gathered in SynoSurvey, Syno proprietary survey tool, over 60% of all survey respondents reply to surveys on a smartphone or a tablet. SynoSurvey has the capability to automatically detect and adjust survey design based on the device type used by the respondent, providing all users with good survey experience.

It is important to ask questions that can easily be answered on a mobile device. For instance, matrix questions are notoriously challenging for respondents that are using a smartphone or a tablet. To offset this, Syno has developed a function to automatically detect matrix questions and split them up into separate questions which are more suitable for smaller screens.


Surveys often need to be offered in the respondent’s primary language. Our survey tool supports different languages and provides the opportunity to either create one survey link that allows respondents the option to choose the language that is best for them or to create different predetermined survey links for each language.

The wording of questions is important. It needs to be clear what the respondents are asked and how they should answer. Answer options need to be well thought out so that all respondents can reply in a true and honest way. Questions and answer options that are unclear or difficult to understand can undo all other preparations and efforts. At Syno we have market research experts with years of experience to make sure we get as true answers as possible.

Length of survey

Keep the length of the survey in mind. Syno data shows that the quality of answers tends to drop after 15 minutes. To get high quality replies, our recommendation is to keep it as short as possible with an optimal length below 10 minutes unless absolutely needed for research purposes. If there is a need for more questions, we recommend doing two surveys and linking the replies of the same respondents together.


After the survey is scripted and tested by Syno staff, a final step we recommend our clients is to also reply to the survey themselves before sending it out. To answer the survey as a respondent is a good way to spot potential mistakes, gives a view if questions look as had intended to be, are easy to understand and it is reasonable for a respondent to answer the entire survey.

Online panel data quality

As most of the data collection at Syno is conducted with the help of online panels, this section covers how Syno ensures that the quality of online panels is high, and the correct target group is surveyed.

Respondent sources

Syno works with carefully selected online panel providers and we continuously evaluate each source. A key focus is transparency and control to allow us to internally handle and look for sample selection that is as consistent as possible.

Syno and panel owners using SynoPanel use the following recruiting channels:

  • Media publisher network ads
  • Social media ads
  • Search engine network ads
  • Brand communities
  • F2F recruiting
  • CATI recruiting
  • Affiliate traffic
  • Email database with contact permissions


At Syno we reward respondents in ways that trigger optimal response rates. Examples of rewards that are frequently used include donations to charities of choice, cinema tickets, free access to premium media content, gift certificates and free internet/ data. Syno has a policy to avoid sampling in online panels that consist of “professional” and cash rewarded panel members where data quality and sincerity is perceived as low.

Representativeness of population

To draw meaningful insights from a survey it is important to collect the sample as representative as possible. If we sample the general population, age, gender, and region quotas are used. In case the target group is narrower, custom quotas can be set depending on screening questions and research purposes.

Analysis & reporting quality

In the processing and reporting of data there are a variety of options and choices all market researchers are facing. Syno is committed to getting the true story of the respondents to our clients. This section covers how that is done.

Data management

Syno uses its proprietary survey tool for questionnaire scripting, data cleaning, processing, and crosstabulation. Advanced reports with custom features can be prepared by creating dashboards using MS Power BI software.

To ensure data quality, we compare survey answers with panelists' profiling data, and we flag the respondent as suspicious if they do not match. Also, we identify and remove low-quality respondents through checks on the answers to control questions, open-ended answers, length of interview and through illogical response patterns in matrix and multiple response questions.


For each project and need, we can tailor reporting to deliver the right type of insights in the format and method needed to support the client’s business needs. We work with various data formats, including raw data in Excel, CSV, SPSS data files, cross-tabulations in Excel, graphs in PPT, and data visualization in custom dashboards.

Quality assurance

Syno quality control is at the heart of what we do. Below are the areas of quality management which are discussed at all levels in the company and guide the company’s quality work going forward.


We aim to be clear in our communication with the clients and provide recommendations regarding survey questions, sampling, reporting, and the design of research in general. Syno aims to work together with our clients to improve the respondents’ experience and overall quality of a project. Syno takes responsibility for every project that is conducted by our employees.


Syno complies with the standards of ICC/ESOMAR, which is a membership organization representing the interests of data, research, and insights professionals at international level. Syno also complies with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. Check our answers to the ESOMAR questions here.

ISO 27001

Syno Management System conforms to the requirements of ISO 27001 standards in the scope of market research, opinion polls and data solution. Check the certificate here.


If you are interested in a deeper discussion around our quality work and processes, please contact info@synoint.com.

The up-do-date version of this Quality documentation can be found at: https://www.synoint.com/legal-and-quality/.

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