Market Research

Our market research solutions offer an easy and inexpensive way for agencies and brands to connect with consumers across the world. With a customer centric approach and 24/7 operational capabilities we use a range of data collection and processing tools along with API’s to sample providers and BI systems

Syno help companies and organizations to build communities for generating insights and generating revenues. An insight community is a great way to connect with your stakeholders that are interested to have a continued feedback with your company or organization. In the community, customers continuously share their feedback mainly via surveys but also other ways to generate more comprehensive data than from only conducting ad hoc surveys with your customers. An insight community can also be a source of revenue as Syno can enable the owner of a community to connect to market research projects from panel networks and agencies.

Syno offer technology and expertise to help our clients to create and manage communities. We do it a local scale where the varieties in language and customs are reflected in how each community set up is done – with speed and efficiency.

Case Study: A Major Media Company

One of Japan’s major newspapers, concerned about the collapse of online advertising revenue industrywide and the end of the third-party cookie, wanted a way to better understand its website visitors in order to improve content decisions and advertising revenue

Syno’s Solution

Syno worked with the newspaper company to develop an own-branded readership community.  Zero-party data, or that data which is voluntarily provided by the consumer to the company, was collected through online surveys and questionnaires. This data is then used for creating in-depth demographic profiles of the newspaper’s readership, profiles which are used for both content decisions and for look-a-like models for highly targeted and effective advertising campaigns. The newspaper was able to both increase its knowledge of its readers and find new streams of revenue.

Our network of offices across the world and 24/7 operational capabilities coupled with an extensive experience can help you to reach consumers that matters to your business. We mainly work with online panels networks but also have experience in gathering data with methods such as social media, SMS, postal, QR codes and CATI. Data is collected via our surveytools and its output can be accessed via your log in to SynoManager – or via MySQL, API’s, SPSS, Excel or PPT. Based on unique features in SynoCloud we enable data from different surveys to be analyzed at an aggregate level for each consumer – leading to more comprehensive data sets that data scientists love!

Contact us today to hear more about how our tools and capabilities to help your organization to connect with consumers – with speed and efficiency.

Conduct brand tracking, brand lift, advertising effectiveness and concept tests based on proven methods that have been developed by market researchers and statisticians. We use strict quality and quota controls, weighting and easy to use dashboards to deliver you easily digestible consumer data at scale – with speed and efficiency.

Save time and development resources by using Syno’s technology for Research Automation. Our offering includes easy to use drag’n drop functionality that is linked to connected our surveytool, quota management, API’s to sample providers, benchmark databases, and a variety of data export options. Let us help you to market your research products globally – with speed and efficiency.

Syno’s Research Automation power Moodscores – measuring emotional effects of advertising

Harnessing the emotional power of advertising is at the heart of what every creative agency aims to deliver for their clients. Moodscore has discovered a way to do this by helping to understand the emotive effects that underlie every execution in a scalable and innovative way. But how do they do it?

Fredrik Wallner, co-founder, says Moodscore needed to offer brands and communication agencies a tool to help them create great ads. With a small team focused on the client’s needs and the methodology, Fredrik looked to Syno for help run the technical sides of the offering.

The technical challenge

A technical infrastructure was required to input ads, automatically deploy predefined surveys and fieldwork across many markets, manage benchmark databases and create visually appealing reports. All of this was needed to execute quickly, cost effectively, at scale and internationally.

Syno’s solution

Syno utilized the SynoEvaluations solution to automate the process and integrate with the existing, Moodscores purchase interface. Each project would need to include data about the advert, the target group, meta-data such as advertiser, industry, country and more to help in the analysis. Quick fieldwork, with API’s to sample sources, automated reporting within hours and quality control supported through Syno’s 24/7 operational capabilities meant the whole platform and execution was efficient and available when needed. 

The result

The partnership between Moodscores and Syno has kept pricing attractive and expanded the clients base significantly, with both more agencies and more brands. Everyone loves a solution that delivers something super cool, but even more so if it costs way less than you would expect, and does so quickly.

Contact Syno if you are interested in learning more about our SynoEvaluations Research Automation offering!

Experience Management

Effective customer, employee and other types of stakeholder research depend on the timely collection and use of data. Syno offers the combination to ask questions at the right time with a unique ability to combine survey data with POS, CRM and other systems

Case Study: A Major Coffee Chain

One of the world’s largest coffee chains wanted an easy way to corollate customer experience, employee experience, and sales revenue across individual stores, regions, and countries

Syno Solution:

Syno created a solution that pulled in data from online and offline CX surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and in-store POS data to create a customized dashboard. Data accessibility varied by user, so that store managers could see the data for their store only, regional managers for their region only, and headquarters for the global data. Real time alerts notified management of problems, allowing for fast action when goes went wrong.

Due to Covid-19’s abrupt stop to decades continued growth of tourism and related industries – it’s important for destinations to re-connect with travelers to see if desires are possibly changing going forward. With Syno, destination marketers can measure travelers intention and desires to position their destination

Data Solutions for Advertising & Media

With the end of the third-party cookie in sight, and consumer privacy issues becoming ever more important, Syno’s zero-party data solutions offer publishers and brands a way to effectively understand and target consumers in a way that builds trust and improves the relationship.

By analyzing survey data with demographic data and other data sources custom segments can be created. These custom segments consist of individuals with a profile that is interesting to target with advertising. As Syno International adheres to strict privacy policies and market research guidelines – targeting these, the same individuals is not possible. Lookalike modeling needs to be conducted. Syno has partners with leading DMP’s and DSP’s that help create the segments and from where advertising campaigns can be activated.

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Our Platform SynoCloud

Integrating all of our solutions and products is SynoCloud, our platform for 3D people profiles. SynoCloud is unique in that it connects a wide variety of data sources together, allowing companies to centralize their data and make quick business decisions. Some of the things you can do with SynoCloud include: