Syno Distribution

  • Send out surveys to consumers in online panels in more than 130 countries
  • Send out e-mail lists with your customers or employees
  • Send out SMS surveys
  • Send hashed email customer surveys

Direct access

Offering project management to view feasibility and costs on own and external connected online panels as well as via own email registers and contacts.

Reach your target audience​

Conduct online interviews with online panels across more than 130 countries. Use our targeting on age, gender, region and a range of background information to reach your target group. Distribution works with multiple sources of panels including own panels, other panels handled by Syno and panels from open panel marketplaces.

Use the survey tool of your choice

Integrated with Syno’s survey tool Syno Survey where you connect the target audience with the survey with a click. All other major survey tools can also be used.

Send your surveys professionaly​

With our distribution tool you will send out surveys to consumers easily.

Try Syno Distribution now

Syno Distribution is a great solution for sending out surveys to consumers.