Get rewarded for sharing your views

As a member, you will help evaluate media and advertising, determine future products and pricing strategies, measure the opinion and public view of current topics and much more where your opinions are important.

We will always reward you as a thank you for sharing your opinions. It is completely free to join the Voice of the Customer US panel and as a thank you for your participation and time you get points that can be exchanged for rewards.


Each completed project gives you rewards that are collected on your account. You can choose to redeem the rewards yourself in the form of money, gift cards and coupons, give them to friends or donate to charity.

Before each project you will see how long it is expected to take and what reward you will receive.


When you join the Voice of the Customer US panel

You are involved in influencing content and advertising, you help companies improve their products, services and offers and your opinions will affect statistics on society and politics that will be the basis for decisions in different organizations in the US and internationally.


We guarantee to protect all personal data that you share with us. The results of the surveys are aggregated and are always presented as anonymous aggregated data. If you want to know more, please see our privacy policy here for further information and please read more about our answers about the GDPR directive from the EU here.