As a member of the Wyeth Nutrition Community, you will be invited to various questionnaires. The invitations are sent to the email you signed up with. In the e-mail you will find information about the length of a survey together with a link with which you will proceed to the survey. You get to answer a number of questions and your answers are then merged with answers from everyone else who participated. You can pause an survey at any time and continue to answer it at a later time. Usually, the surveys are 5-10 minutes long.

The surveys can be about many different things. We at Wyeth Nutrition Community value our current and potential customers’ opinions and therefore send out surveys on many different aspects of the cinema experience. The insights we receive from the surveys guide us in which parts of the bio experience we should focus on forward. To make the Wyeth Nutrition Community more interesting, other companies can also do surveys in the community. For example, you can f ex get a survey about what your favorite ice cream is, answer what is good or bad about a website or just freely associate what a brand gives you for feeling.

You choose how many surveys you want sent to you per month (1 to 6). You can then easily set this up yourself by logging in to your account and changing the number of surveys per month.

You can easily take out your total remuneration online or donate to charity. Read more about this by clicking here. Being part of the Wyeth Nutrition Community is completely voluntary and costs nothing. You do not undertake to participate in a specific number of surveys. As a panelist in the Wyeth Nutrition Community, you directly affect advertising and product development at companies.

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