Syno and the Kyoto Tourism Association - Defeating Covid-19 Together | Syno

Syno International, together with the City of Kyoto Tourism Association, is proud to announce a unique application of our Experience Management Platform, entitled the “Covid-19 Management and Support Project—Ensuring Peace of Mind Today for Smiles Tomorrow”.

In order to secure the health and security of tourists visiting the city of Kyoto, this project collects evaluations, comments, and customer satisfaction scores on the effectiveness of coronavirus prevention measures undertaken by tourism-related businesses. These responses are then compiled into a custom dashboard and visualization tool that allows each company to clearly understand: 1) their overall customer experience (CX) scores, and 2) how their customers perceive they are doing in the fight against Covid-19.

Throughout the project, Syno will continuously collect questionnaire responses from store / facility users (whether local residents or tourists), provide rewards for such responses, aggregate and visualize the response results, and share the data with the operators. In order to optimize the process, Syno will build a custom tourist CX survey platform with the aim of improving the quality of services across Kyoto. Specifically, we will build a dashboard system (BI Tool) that aggregates and visualizes response results in real time, so that tourism companies can understand customer experiences (CX), including customer needs and areas of satisfaction and immediately connect the results to concrete actions. This dashboard system will be provided to each tourism company.

Unique Approach #1: Survey For Good

In connection with the above project, Syno was selected by the City of Kyoto and the Kyoto Institute of Advanced Technology in the “Startup Approaches to Problem Solving in the Era of Covid-19” contest. In this pitch contest, we proposed a system called “Survey for Good—Welcome Back!” in which participants who answer questionnaires in the above Kyoto Tourism Association program can donate their rewards towards a variety of charities related to Covid-19.

Unique Approach #2: Kyoto Tourist Database Integration

In connection to the above, Syno will also work with the Kyoto Tourism Association to build an integrated database that combines the resident and tourist questionnaires collected during the project with data already collected by the association, including hotel guest numbers, sightseeing location data, and other public information.

Up until now, the Kyoto City Tourism Association has been working to provide information to quickly grasp the situation of Kyoto tourism by announcing the number of guests statistics with the cooperation of accommodation facilities in the city. This is an epoch-making initiative in that it comprehensively collects not only data related to the number of guests, but also the data related to the quality of hygiene measures and services. We hope that it will help businesses utilize digital technology, improve the productivity of the tourism industry in Kyoto, and create an image of safe and secure travel.

Takuya HorieDMO Planning and Marketing Specialist, Kyoto Tourism Association

This program by Kyoto represents the first domestic attempt at solving the problems of the tourism industry, including not only the lack of digitalization in tourism-related companies, but also problems that existed before coronavirus, such as those related to congestion or manners, as well as Covid-19 related problems connected to sanitary hygiene. As an IT startup company, it is a great honor to be selected for this project. We look forward to proposing additional solutions that will serve as model cases for the tourism industry, ones that will help the industry rehabilitate in the post-corona world.

Soji NaganoHead of APAC, Syno International