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Business Overview

From homes and offices to commercial facilities, hotels, and hospitals, Mitsui Designtec focuses on designing better environments for living and doing business, including commercial remodeling, interior design work and sales, and home remodeling. Their unique approach includes what they call a “Crossover Design” method, one that integrates all stages of a project together—from initial consultation to construction.

Business Challenges

An integral part of Mitsui Designtec’s service is to provide office relocation and renewal consulting. Rather than just designing and constructing spaces, we engage with our clients’ employees through interviews and workshops to create ideal, highly-individualized concepts and working styles. Within this process however, we had trouble aggregating and processing data from employee questionnaires. In particular, there were issues with how to report detailed results to the client, such as differences between departments or divisions, or differences in how various areas would be used. In some cases, the content in these reports would reach 100 pages or more. Furthermore, the man-hours exerted manually tabulating results, creating graphs and charts, and making corrections was enormous. In light of this we sought Syno’s help in creating an automatic process for collecting, processing, and reporting the data—one that could reduce internal resources and speed up the process.

Syno's Solution

–Written by Syno–Using our proprietary B2B experience management solution “SynoCloud for CX”, Syno worked to solve Mitsui Designtec’s problems through a combination of our in-house survey tool, SynoTool, and customized dashboards and data management via SynoBI. Syno’s solution not only helped them collect, process, and report the data, but developed for them custom ways to visualize the data and present it to their clients.

When making survey’s and questionnaires, there are a wide range of survey tools—from free versions like Google Forms to paid ones like SurveyMonkey and Questant. Likewise, there are an assortment of BI tools available to help visualize the data, from Tableau to Oracle BI. Unlike all of the above however, Syno’s solution makes it possible to automate and systemize the process from scratch, taking into consideration Mitsui Designtec’s unique specifications from survey creation to visualization. As a result, they are able to visualize it on dashboards in real-time, as well as export it to written reports—allowing for its use in both face-to-face consultation and written reporting.

Solution Results

After asking Syno to create a questionnaire and dashboard system, we were very happy with the results. The resulting dashboard was created after we specified the design of the tables and graphs from scratch, meaning that we didn’t have to manually modify or check the accuracy of anything. Simply by clicking we could get the results we wanted. Furthermore, we could create presentations that were not possible using paper-based reports, such as clicking on items and having them pop-up, all of which were highly evaluated by our clients. Finally, having the ability to give separate IDs for consultants and clients means that individuals can dig deeper into their areas of concern and view the results.

Future Challenges

When remodeling or moving offices, the working styles that clients want to achieve vary. We therefore hope that Syno can create customized dashboards for each client at an even faster pace, utilizing the knowledge gained from previous projects. Furthermore, as we build up data from a wide range of clients, we hope to utilize Syno’s technology to create a Mitsui Designtec database—one that will provide even more value to our clients by giving them a complete picture.

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